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Digital Marketing has changed the way companies communicate and operate with their customers. The impact of digital marketing on business growth will only continue to grow as more and more brands go digital. BrainyDX helps you create a strong digital marketing plan through the below mentioned services that will help you reach maximum number of potential audience and grow youronline presence.



Through Social Media Marketing, we help you in maintaining a strong online reputation, creating brand awareness and engagement so that your audience feels connected with your brand on a personal level. We ensure proper positioning of your business in the social media marketplace that can translate to wider visibility and increase sales. Through social media marketing, we help you attract the right customers with the right information and help you showcase your product or brand to potential customers at the right times.



We make it easy to attract your target audience that can convert into your customers/clients. BrainyDX’s SEO plans include services like Audit & Competitive Analysis, Website Architecture Optimization, on page Code Optimization, Content Development & Optimization, Social Media Integration, Conversion Rate Optimization, Mobile Optimization and other avenues of online marketing. With our SEO services, we not only help you to build better brand awareness but also to increase the trust of your potential customers for your brand when they search for a particular term.



With our pay-per-click strategy, you only pay for the traffic that actually arrives at your website. At BrainyDX, we help you with the right advertising budget, optimized bidding and appealing message that can increase the quality of your ads ensuring a high ad visibility and relevant website visits. Our paid marketing services include- Google, Yahoo & Bing Ads, social media ads, Video marketing, Remarketing, Shopping ads and much more. Depending on your business goals, we’ll help you increase leads and traffic, boosting your sales and your business!



We believe in the phrase “Content is King!” Marketing is impossible without great content. At BrainyDx, we believe content being the heart and soul for all the other marketing form. BrainyDX helps you with a strategized and properly executed powerful content that will pull customers to the desired platform and increase your sales. With content marketing, we provide information that is both valuable and relevant for your target customers. This is will help build both your brand authority and domain authority.



Email Marketing allows you to create a relationship with your audience and steadily build loyalty to your brand. With the help of various tools, we help you design a campaign with easily created Email templates or customized designs tailored to your needs that are impactful and relevant to your marketing objective. We also help you in improving your strategy by monitoring the campaign through CTR, open rate, bounce rate etc. So, drive your conversions and increase your ROI while staying on budget with our Email campaigns.



A strong brand identity is an investment. Branding is an investment that helps you win the future. Our branding and style guide help you keep your brand identity distinct and recallable. We help you in brand positioning and building brand strategy to set the right voice for your brand keeping in mind your nature of work. Our services include brand naming & tagline, Logo creation, brand guidelines document, rebranding items and much more. We ensure that your visual style distinguishes your brand in an impactful manner and resonates with the audience.

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